If you would like a greater understanding of your life, and if you would like to be understood without judgment, I am here to help.

If you would like to know the questions you should be asking about yourself and the answers to those questions, I am here to help.

If you would like a reading the first thing to do is read the reading introduction. It explains everything you need to know beforehand. If you have already had a reading, you don't need to read the introduction again unless you want to. Just click on the language below and you will be able to read the introduction online. You can also download it if you want. After that, if you are still interested, we can set up an appointment for an in-person or Skype reading. You can also request a remote reading in which you don't have to be present at all. In that case I'll just record it in MP3 and send a download link to your email address. All readings are in English.

Click here for the English Introduction.

Click here for the Swedish introduction.

Click here for the Estonian Instruction.

Click here for the German introduction.

Click here for the Spanish introduction.

Click here for the Croatian introduction.

The readings are by donation and that is explained in the introduction. Some people are uncomfortable with the suggested method for arriving at a donation. If that is the case with you I suggest the equivalent of $90 USD, more or less. Giving something places a value on what you will receive.

Ask inside. Feel inside whether it might help you to have a reading. But please don't do it out of idle curiosity. Do it only if it might truly help.

Click here to request a reading.

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