Occasionally someone will express interest in organizing an Innerview Seminar.  The seminar requires a minimum of 16 and a maximum of 20 people.  An even number of students is better because they will pair up every night to practice (but not the same pair every night).  It requires a quiet place with many separate rooms and one big one. I recommend whoever does the seminar have a reading from me beforehand.  They have to be willing to dedicate every hour of the entire two weeks for the process, while living their normal life.  The process works on them as much as they work on the process.

When I teach the Innerview Seminar I work in an intense cycle of 3 weeks.  The first week I do 4 or 5 readings a day.  The last 2 weeks I do 3 readings in the day and teach the seminar at night.  I have also done 2 readings in the morning, a seminar in the afternoon, and another seminar at night (2 different 2 week seminars happening at the same time).

I also teach an intense weekend seminar called Peace, open only to graduates of Innerview.  The Peace Seminar uses the tools learned in the Innerview Seminar for forgiveness and letting go of the obstacles to the awareness of Love's Presence within.  In the works for a long time now is a seminar called Freedom.  It’s not ready yet.

For a living place I will also need a quiet place with wi-fi.  I try to eat a vegan diet.

The organizer is responsible for my travel tickets, accommodation, commuting costs, internet costs, and the cost of the venue.  The organizer can charge whatever is appropriate to make up those costs.  After that my work is by donation and I give 10% to the organizer.  The organizer is responsible to provide a translator if needed.  The organizer and translator may participate in the seminar for free.

Click here to email me if you are interested in organizing an Innerview Seminar.

Love, Prem Mulberry