What is the Innerview Seminar?

The Innerview Seminar is an intense, experiential 10 day course, 3 to 4 hours a day (usually at night) that gives students an opportunity to differentiate the voice of the Intuition from the other voices in the head, and trust it. Intuition is another word for the still, small voice within, the Voice of Truth, the Voice of the Holy Spirit or Sat Guru. It is the Voice that so many spiritual traditions say to follow, but not many say exactly how to tell the difference between It and the other voices and thoughts that rapidly pass through our awareness every second.

The Innerview Seminar began in India in 1988 at the ashram of Sri Satya Sai Baba after Prem Mulberry received his assignment, as the Holy Spirit put it, “to do readings”. A reading, or psychic reading for lack of a better term, is the practice of the 3 major tenants of A Course in Miracles: Be still; listen; and let go. Being still is allowing, at least for an instant, the mind to do something other than what it usually does, which is not being still. Listening is getting a sense of something presently inside and alive that is willing to communicate. Letting go is allowing that communication to happen. Further letting go would be to do what it says.

It has jokingly been said that when a person talks to God it's called prayer and when God talks to a person it's called schizophrenia. This is not that. This is the linking of the conscious mind to the true Voice of reason within. There are many ways of doing this. In the Innerview Seminar it is learned through the practice of psychic readings.

In the course of the seminar students practice intuitive psychic reading with a partner. Each night after the introductory night and after the techniques of psychic reading are taught, the student works with a different partner, who is hopefully a stranger that the student doesn't know, or an acquaintance that the student doesn't know well. They are given a topic about their partner's life and they take turns being still, listening inside, and letting go to the reception of information about that topic. Then they have to practice translating what they receive into spoken words and say what they receive to their partners. Their partners will provide immediate feedback which will let the reader know how he or she is doing. The reader has to let go of all the resistance in its many forms to saying things he's not sure about to the person he or she is reading. The purpose of the whole seminar to help the students be able to let go of their own inner obstacles to the awareness of Divine Love's Presence. This method allows the student reader to become more aware and trusting of the Teacher inside and it provides the student “readee” with information that might be helpful on the path to inner peace. It's a win win situation.

The Innerview Seminar has been taught more than 50 times on 4 continents. It's success rate has been estimated at 98 percent!

The cost of the seminar is this: What Prem and the organizers pay to produce the seminar is evenly reimbursed by the students. That is a definate cost but it varies from seminar to seminar. What Prem earns to live on is by donation and that is explained during the seminar.

Prem strongly recommends that participants have a reading from him at least within a year before the seminar.

For graduates of the Innerview Seminar the Peace Seminar is offered. This is an intense weekend seminar designed to put the tools learned in the Innerview Seminar to concrete use for forgiveness.  The next Peace seminar will be in Tallinn, Estonia 7-9 April.  If you are an Innerview Seminar graduate and would like to participate please contact Janika.  Click here to email Janika or you can call her at +37 251 13 342 in Estonia.

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If you are interested in participating in the next Innerview Seminar in Tallinn, Estonia, 20-31 March 2017, click here to email Janika or you can call her at +37 251 13 342 in Estonia.  Check out the website at http://sisekaemus.weebly.com/.

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