There are many reasons to include a donation page on this site.

It makes it easy for people who receive Skype or remote readings to give.
It helps to compensate for people who do not have the funds available to have a reading.
It makes it easy for people who don't have money at the time of their reading to make a donation later.
It helps people who forget to give a donation after a Skype or remote reading to easily be able to do it after they remember.
It helps people who feel they haven't given the full value of their reading, to give more if they want.
It helps Prem to continue to travel and be available personally to do readings.

Prem has been working by donation for many years and for years people have encouraged him to suggest a donation. It is impossible to estimate the value of a reading because it is different for different people. It is always requested that people ask inside and let their intuition tell them what to donate, but if this is hard for you or you don't trust it, the suggested donation is $90.

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